Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, the Life of a Valet! You ask, what is a valet?? It is the life of crazy people, who love to drive other people's cars!! And yes, we are crazy!!!! Personally, I would never hand off my car to a valet, since well, I know what the guys are like that drive the cars! So, I am valet, I am one of two girls that work for our company. Oh, and if you ever need a valet company, call Red Carpet Valet, we are the best!! Anywho, back to what I was saying about my crazy job! Did I tell you, that my super super cool friend is my boss??? Crazy how that happens huh! Yeah, I am pretty lucky. She is the only other girl, and I am pretty much her only friend that is a girl. So we are super tight! But you will learn more about her in another blog. In the next pic, it is me, my boss, and her little sister, and her sister's return missionary boyfriend! And yes, he did serve a mission here in Washington. He was visiting. Pretty crazy
how that happened.... Anywho, they decided to help us work one time at the SouthCenter mall... that was adventurous!! More like insane! Never get in the way of a shopper, they will run you over! Trust me I know, I got hit by one! Yes, hit by a shopper in his car. How you do not see a person in a bright green vest and holding bright orange flashlights I don't know. But he didn't, and he went straight into me, and I landed on his hood, then fell on the pavement! But all is good, I survived without one scratch!! Now that is amazing!!! I enjoy my crazy job, at times I am straight up tired from working days up to 16 hours!!! But since I work with friends, we make it super fun, and I usually really enjoy myself, although when I come home, I find my bed to be absolutely wonderful!! So that is about it! Now you know the life of a crazy valet!!

Who I Am

People ask me who I am, and I wonder, who am I? Well, my name is Maria. Im a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Who I have become is like no other person. Im forever developing, because the more I learn, the more I go through, and love that is shared, creates me. I dont believe the pains and trials a person goes through makes a person, but the reaction that person has to those pains and trials is what makes a person. I have been a victim, but I am not A victim. I fight for life, freedom, and love. I believe depression is normal, but we make it more then what it really is. Somedays its ok to be sad, but we should not dwell on only our pains, but to remember those happy days, because happiness is what makes life beautiful. I believe happiness can be found no matter where you are, you just have to open your eyes. Religion helps a person learn to fight the world around them. I believe God is our salvation. I believe everyday I walk out my door, I must prepare to live my day like it is my last, but not to dwell on death. I believe death is a better place, but only when the time comes for us to move on. Never give up on life though, because when you do, life will become hell. I believe the only time satan can concure me is when I give in, so he shall never concure me, becuase forever I will fight him. Im an unfinished book. Im only the beginning of many generations to come. My story is like no other. Its a story of love, pain, and the never ending fight to survive. I am what I believe, what I practice, and how live. I am Maria. And nothing in this world can change me, only help develop me. Unfinished. I am, only the beginning.